New Sanwei M8 Premium Table Tennis Racket

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New Sanwei M8 Premium Racket comes with a premium all round blade with a flared handle, designed based on classic European blades like the Stiga Allround or Donic Waldner Allplay. It is a 5 ply all wood blade and weighs 75 grams. The M8 is a bit more rigid and has a great feel. It produces huge spin and its control is simply staggering. Its throw is moderate; chops net level, as do hits, but loops can be arched beautifully.

The blade is complemented by two ITTF approved Sanwei T88 Taiji rubbers that integrate speed, rotation, elasticity, control and weight. This racket is simply the best for training and is highly recommended by most table tennis coaches. Additionally, the racket comes with a nice red bat cover. If this is your first table tennis racket or looking to upgrade from premade rackets like GKI, Artengo, Stag this is the perfect racket for you. Best seller amongst corporate players, coaches, trainees, intermediate players and kids.

Speed - 9 Control - 10 Spin - 9

Racket Brand: Sanwei
Purpose: Professional
Type: ALL
Material: Wood

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