DHS Skyline TG 3 Neo

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DHS Skyline TG 3 Neo allows you to play in an aggressive manner with fast and frequent looping. The Neo sponge, with its high energy potential, returns the ball extremely quick. This rubber is recommended for continual fast attack, without any interspaces. TG3 Neo is good for mid distance looping attack play style. TG3 Neo has a grippy surface and a hard sponge that provides more speed and power than TG3.

This is China's new High Tension Technology rubber. It has outstanding control when playing topspin against topspin and they claim that it is nearly unbeatable because of it's aggressive and sticky upper surface. Used by world-class player Wang Hao.

Video Review: < https://youtu.be/ZVwZZl9c2Ig>

Pimple: Pimple IN
Sponge: Hard
Rubber Brand: DHS

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