DHS Mark V Intermediate Table Tennis Racket

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Blade: DHS Wind Power 2 Carbon
DHS Wind Power 2 Carbon Blade is a brand new blade from the 2018 DHS Wind Power Series blades. This blade is suitable for quick and active attacking players. This blade is best suitable for intermediate players looking for an offensive carbon blade.

Forehand : Yasaka Mark V
Backhand : Yasaka Mark V
Yasaka Mark V represents the absolute highest quality of rubber production and is the unsurpassed leader among table tennis rubbers. Through the years a large number of championships have been won with Yasaka Mark V. The rubber has continually been developed as the demands of the top players have increased. For the aggressive player, who masters the modern, fast technique close to the table, Mark 5 gives unique possibilities. Favourite among all table tennis legends, this still remains one of the most popular and top selling rubbers of all times.

1. Racket Assembly
2. Edge Tape
3. Topspin Gold Royale Leather Case

Type: OFF
Purpose: Professional
Material: Carbon

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