Butterfly Dignics 05 Table Tennis Rubber

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Butterfly Dignics 05 introduces the new Spring Sponge X that is evolved with increased elasticity, emphasizing the ball possession of hitting, the combination of and with unique blend of a sheet with enhanced abrasion resistance of the surface. High rotational performance has been adopted and is recommended for players who seek an aggressive play with an emphasis on rotation. DIGNICS 05 improved the rotation and speed performance is easy to fly in the swing direction because it grabs the ball well ,and it is characterized by entering deeper than the opponent's coat. Quick play from the pitch of the ball will evolve, counters in front will increase more accuracy .

Further , the swing as compared with the conventional because it is possible to hit ball with power in a compact , more less wasteful , to achieve faster play. Even when you hit the ball at the back, you can also roll out a powerful ball that makes you stand superior in the rally .

Video Review: https://youtu.be/cQMDxMi6JpI

Pimple: Pimple IN
Sponge: Hard
Topsheet: Non-Tacky
Rubber Brand: Butterfly

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